… I Love You Thiiiiiiis Much! – Illustrated by Johan Walder


A personalized book for children!

The name of your child will appear on the cover and the title in the language of your choice. Furthermore, you can write an unforgettable dedication! Go ahead!



… I Love You Thiiiiiiis Much!

The fifteen images of this book unlock the fantastic world of unconditional love and how it can be expressed. From one image to the next, your child tries to guess how much you love her or him. This story goes beyond the world of imagination and metaphors. Finally, the real secret is revealed and you find out how much your child loves you.

This perfect personalized gift can be offered on his/her birthday, at Christmas or on any other occasion. Express your unconditional love!

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Book size: 21 X 21 cm – 8,5 X 8,5 inches / 36 pages

About the author: Urs Richle

About the illustrator: Johan Walder